Call for Papers

Special Issue: Complexity of the Global Socioeconomic Systems in the Post-Coronavirus Pandemic Age
The spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is now seriously impacting the global economy. Due to concerns about the extreme vulnerability of the global supply chain and fear of rising systemic risks, economic globalization has also been disrupted, globalization is now becoming the main long-term victim of the pandemic.
As an important supporting force for globalization, the global supply chain connects countless manufacturing companies and service companies around the world, and promotes the interweaving of the world economy into an organic and complex whole that is interdependent and integrated. In a highly dependent global socio-economic system. If any economy, especially an economy that is a key link in the global supply chain, temporarily suspends production or restricts trade, it will bring external shocks to other economies that cannot be underestimated. The new COVID19 pandemic is a global health crisis. Similarly, it has hurt the global socio-economic bodies established through the global supply chain. After the outbreak, from cars to smartphones, from shopping to tourism, from aviation services, financial services to technical services ... International production of countless goods and services worldwide were forced to slow down or even suspend, which exposed the socioeconomic system's extreme vulnerability.
The global socio-economic system is viewed as a complex one embedded with the thinking of human. Concepts of non-linearity, uncertainty, complexity, and chaos have emerged in natural sciences; new science namely complex science is emerging with the rapid development of information and network technologies. The purpose of this special issue is to invite well-known domestic and foreign experts and scholars in the field of complex science to conduct extensive exchanges on the basic theories, research methods of complex science under the background of COVID19 pandemic. We aim to open a forum to discuss how to apply the theories, methods, models and tools of complex science to reduce the impacts of the COVID19 pandemic on global society and economy, especially we are very interested in submissions which discuss the issues related to post-globalization after COVID19 pandemic.
Please note that the background of research must take into consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics of this special issue include but are not limited to:
 Stochastic processes and chaos theory in socio-economic systems;
 Adaptation synergy and feedback regulation of socio-economic systems;
 Complex digitalized socio-economic systems;
 Simulation and modeling for socio-economic systems;
 Emergency management in socio-economic systems;
 Multi-agent methods for socio-economic systems;
 Complex adaptive systems and evolutionary computing;
 Modelling of socio-economic networks;
 Multi-body systems and optimization;
 Cooperation and gaming problems;
 Data mining and statistical analysis for socio-economic systems;
Key Dates:
Submission Deadline: December 31, 2020
Publication Date: June 30, 2021