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 Journal of Logistcs, Informatics and Service Science

Journal of Logistics, Informatics, and Service Science (JLISS) is an esteemed academic platform dedicated to fostering cutting-edge research and innovative applications at the intersection of logistics, informatics, and service science. As a peer-reviewed and open-access journal, JLISS serves as an essential hub for scholars, researchers, industry professionals, and students keen on delving into the intricacies and evolving dynamics of these interconnected domains.

The core mission of the Journal of Logistics, Informatics, and Service Science is to bridge the gaps between logistics management, advanced informatics, and the evolving sphere of service science. We endeavor to highlight studies that integrate theoretical constructs with practical implications, contributing to the betterment of industries, economies, and societies at large.

JLISS stands committed to upholding the highest standards of academic rigor and integrity. Every submission undergoes a comprehensive peer-review process, ensuring that the research published under our banner is impactful, relevant, and of the highest scholarly merit.

Main Themes

JLISS mainly publishes original research papers and review articles in three main themes:

  • The evolution and optimization of global logistics and supply chain paradigms.
  • The application and impact of advanced informatics on service delivery and operational excellence.
  • Exploration of service science methodologies, both emerging and established, with an emphasis on customer-centricity.
  • The role of technology and data analytics in streamlining logistics and enhancing service quality.
  • Sustainability, ethical considerations, and best practices in the logistics and service sectors.
  • Service economics and business ecosystems. .

Change of Frequency

Since 2020 JLISS has been included in Scopus. We received a lot of quality submissions from all over the world. In 2020 and 2021, the average acceptance rate of JLISS is under 20%. There is a long backlog of submissions waiting for publication in JLISS. Thus we change the publishing frequency from 2 times per year to 4 times per year. Namely, JLISS will publish quartetly. For each issue, we will publish no more than 30 papers.

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JLISS has been included in Scopus and Google Scholar. Applications have been sent to other indexing agencies.


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