Current: Vol.9, No. 1, 2022


Table of Contents

Classification of Beef by Using Artificial Intelligence......1

Authors: Jae Moon Lee, In Hwan Jung and Kitae Hwang

A Multi-output Convolutional Neural Network-based Distance and Velocity Estimation Technique for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Radar Systems......11

Authors: Jae-Woong Choi and Eui-Rim Jeong

An Empirical Study of Intelligent Security Analysis Methods Utilizing Big Data......26

Authors: Yang-ha Chun and Moon-ki Cho

A Smart Contract Weakness and Security Hole Analyzer Using Virtual Machine Based Dynamic Monitor......36

Authors: Yunsik Son and YangSun Lee

A Study on Intermediate Code Generation for Security Weakness Analysis of Smart Contract Chaincode......53

Author: YangSun Lee

Mobile Digital Forensics Framework to Increase Security Level of for Smartphone User......68

Author: Sang Young Lee

Performance Monitoring of MQTT-based Messaging Server and System ......85

Authors: Kitae Hwang, Jae Moon Lee and In Hwan Jung

A Case Study of Domain Engineering in Software Product Line Engineering......97

Author: Jeong Ah Kim

Design Based System Research of an Online Platform Prototype to Foster Higher-Order Questioning......116

Authors: Jieun Lee, Pyong Ho Kim and Milee Ahn

A Service System Study on the Effects of the Influencers' Characteristics on Purchase Intention......136

Authors: Jing Xu and Ha-kyun Kim

Identification of Herzberg’s Motivators and Hygiene Factors for Mobile Shopping Service System based on Topic Modeling of User Reviews......156

Authors: Kwang-Kook Kim, Hong-Jae Park, Ja-Hee Kim

Public Design Method Based on Smart Service System Technology: Centered on the Cases of Bus Stops in Korea and China......177

Authors: Seung-Wan Ju and Yeon-Su Park

Drive-Thru Service System Development for Medicines and Insurance Claim......195

Authors: Seonyong Eom, Seokjin Shin and Min Choi

Design System of Driving Scenario by Applying Static and Dynamic Stimuli in VR Driving Simulator Based on Text Network Analysis......213

Authors: Ho-Sang Moon, Hyeok-Min Lee and Sung-Taek Chung

Applying Social Computing to Analyze the Effect of Negative Emotions on Social Desirability......234

Author: Eun Joo Kim

Applying Social Computing to Analyze the Effect of Tax Officials’ Organizational Communication on Job Performance......258

Author: Soon-Bok Hong

An Innovative Career Management Platform Empowered by AI, Big data, and Blockchain Technologies: Focusing on Female Engineers......274

Authors: Jiyoung Jang and Suna Kyun

Social Data Aanlysis on the Perception of Emergency Simulation Education of Nursing College Students Using the Q Method......291

Authors: Yeonja Kim and Kyung-Hwa Jung

A Social Computing Based Analysis on Team Efficacy and Outcome of Real-time Online Sports Capstone Design Class......307

Author: Ho Yoo

Analysis of Factors on Affecting Sugar Tax Awareness among Adults in South Korea Using Social Computing Technology......325

Author: Sun Ju Kim

Perceived Usability of Software Systems: A Framework-Driven Study......343

Authors: Abeer A. Al-Hassan, Latefah F. Alshammari, Bareeq A. AlGhannam, Haneen Alabdulrazzaq

A Dynamic Visual Analytical Approach for Crime - Transformation to Better Decision Making......367

Authors: Neelu Chaudhary, Hardeo Kumar Thakur, and Rinky Dwivedi